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The Best Advice is Often Simple

Several years ago, I received brilliant advice from someone. This is Uncle Aaron. He is a world traveler with more stories than you can...

How to Start Going to the Gym

I decided to write this because of a certain video of Celia watching weight lifting videos with Uncle Jeff: Ce, you and Uncle Jeff were...

How to Handle Someone Insulting You

Ce, last week we talked about your swim lessons. You mentioned that there are girls at your lessons that make fun of you and tease you....

Ice Skating and the Arena of Life

For CeCe’s 6th birthday, we went ice skating. I’m not sure if you both remember this, but it was a really fun day. Ce was very excited...

How to Do a Different Country

So you moved to South Africa. That’s pretty cool. You just became infinitely more interesting than most people I know. Your Mom and Pete...

Airplane Adventure

Littles, we are going on an adventure very soon. In about 10 days, we will be on a huge airplane headed to South Africa. Your Mom is...

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